The 63-step ascent to the former 
8 m high bell tower rewards you with 
an unforgettable spatial experience. 

The himmelstor suite extends over two 
levels and truly lives up to its name. 
Wide, magnificent and flooded with light, 
you are close to heaven. 

like at home, 
only more heavenly



In the sacred bell tower room you can meditate, 
sing or just enjoy your life.

dream yourself









3. + 4. floor 
80 sqm 
himmelstor lounger island by Buron de Preser 
Bathroom en suit 
freestanding bathtub 
Antiques and design uniques 
Wooden kitchenette 
Fireplace classic Gyrofocus by Dominique Imbert 
Free wifi 

Interior concept by Buron de Preser 
Fashion photography by Gerd Preser   
Gold wall painting by Gaby Roter 
Textiles by Helga Schollenberger 

For 1 to 2 persons