Come in


stay a while and become a friend. 
... it – the bell tower of St. Elisabeth –
seems to say proudly. 

By providence and vision it shines today
in its second life and invites you to be its guest.

of the beauty


It is thanks to the respectful remodeling by
the building's owner Ingrid Maria Buron de Preser,
that the cultural monument - the bell tower, built
in Béton brut, today combines exciting contrasts -
a new interaction of light and clarity, austerity and
elegance that now unite in a raw concrete structure. 

The unclad concrete structure meets 
a timeless, modern and sensual 

Unique pieces, collectibles, antiques, 
furniture design classics, art and
murals designed especially for der Turm, 
as well as unique textiles made of natural
materials are tailored to the smallest detail. 

Der Turm – 
The new design & architecture unique specimen.    



love for detail



everything is possible,
nothing is necessary


Der Turm – The Jewel 

Whether for a private gathering, 
to be boisterous and creative 
to work or to relax. 

Here - you simply can be, withdraw 
and recharge your batteries. 

a place to linger


... for a few hours, a day, a week or months? 
You wish for a second home in a suite or a whole tower for yourself? 

Here - you can live, work, eat, party, relax, 
get married, be creative, love, heal or just be. 

Our chapel, the three suites and the high bell tower room 
can be booked individually or together. 

Der Turm ist dein.


A place – magical, attractive, urban and nature within reach. 
The tower – a unique retreat in the middle of Freiburg.