clarity and calm


especially here, in der Turm you will be able to
feel the connection between heaven and earth and
the power of the elements. An ideal place to unite
spirituality with body and mind. The ancient knowledge
about health finds its way here being  included into the
design of the modern architecture. Der Turm is a place
 to gain clarity and calm and to to find yourself.





... means to linger in oneself and aptly describes our goal of ayurvedic  
individual arrangements. The combined therapeutic approach of regeneration  
and purification processes, ayurvedic nutrition, herbal applications 
and lifestyle coaching strengthens your health and lets you find yourself. 




 limitless joy


The ayurveda arrangement includes an extensive initial consultation,
an ayurvedic diagnostics and an individual therapy plan. 
Manual oil massages with selected herbs, special manual treatments, 
cleansing or nourishing enemas or gentle drainage procedures for intestinal cleansing 
are specifically tailored to your needs. Daily consultations, ayurvedic full board, 
herbal recipes as well as yoga and meditation round off the arrangement. 



1 tower I 1 team I Maximum 3 guests 

7 days Ayurveda 
6 nights in the tower 
Ayurvedic full board 

Questions and booking 
Sandra Grünes
Naturopath / Alternative practitioner 
Dipl. med. Ayurveda specialist (EAA) 
Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher 

Culinary / Chef 
Helga Schollenberger 

6th - May 12th, 2021 
21st - 27th October 2021 

Costs Ayurveda 
2.600 € per person

Costs living 
230 € per day / per person