Take time for yourself. 
Take time for your health. 
Take time for new creativity. 




Take time for a work life balance retreat or a gratitude or mindfulness week
that is specially tailored to you. Especially now, in these turbulent times,
 it is important to be and stay healthy, keep your own power and creativity.

Start your day with a combination of guided yoga and meditation teachings, 
relaxing body therapies and a coaching for health promotion and 
mental training.

Enjoy your stay with a special, constitutionally appropriate diet tailored to you. 

The afternoons are at your free disposal. Home office, meetings,
a chat with colleges, time with family or friends - in this unique atmosphere. 
make your day a wonderful event for body, mind and soul. 






Business Health, Detox & Health Mindfulness Retreat.
with green smoothies.

bookable separately
available by the hour or 1-7 days

Sandra Greens  
Miriam Orszagh

Energy Healing and Gratitude Ceremonies.
Life and Soul Coaching. Heal & Create.
Inner fulfillment. Despacho rituals

bookable separately
by the hour or 1-7 days possible

Maria Clara Castaneda

Shamanic & The power of nature
Angelika Fischer

bookable separately
by the hour

By personal agreement and arrangement,
with the or the respective coaches,
who will accompany you during your stay.

Offer and price upon request